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Young woman doing pushups in the city

Wide-Arm Push-Up Form and Shoulder Alignment Tips

I have been ignoring wide-arm push-ups for years — due to the (false) assumption that this particular hand positioning was ineffective. So, when...

ABS WORKOUT for women #howtoreducebellyfat #postpregancyworkout #fatburningabworkout #fitnesstamil

Disclaimer: I did this workout after one year of the delivery. Please consider your own body condition or consult your doctor prior to commencing...

Foods To Avoid For Acne – Nutrition With Suman Agarwal – Glamrs

What you eat will always show on your skin, says Suman Agarwal Celebrity Nutritionist. Acne can be caused due to Hormonal imbalances, in...

How to create and maintain a productive, secure home work environment

Collaboration tools are undergoing drastic version updates and feature overhauls on a very frequent basis, which force security departments to keep a close eye...